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This traditional Turkish Boat known as a
Gullit is common around the Aegean and
are easily hired by large parties for the
 day today to go diving or Island Hopping
and are based in large numbers at nearby
Fethiye where various day and week
cruises are laid on at a very reasonable rate.
The boat in the picture was cruising the
 coast off Patara beach which is only half an
hour from Villa Kelebek and is an area of
special scientific interest and a breeding
ground for Loggerhead Turtles which
nest in the dunes. The beach below is
therefore totally pristine and totally unspoiled

Lycean Tombs at Xanthos about half and hours drive from Villa Kelebek and right next to the famour Patara Beach

This is one of my favourite sites. Set up a hill close to the village of Minara is the site of Pinara of which the ampitheatre is one of many fantastic sites. Pinara means round and the whole rockface is bedecked with Lycian Tombs cut into the rockface resembling from afar a sky scraper. Many times of the year you are very likely to walk the whole site with no one else there. There are very helpful guides who will take you around if you wish at a very reasonable price and plenty of guidebooks if you want to explore yourself.

The mountains have an pine covered and have an abundance of waterfalls which the very brave can swim in - the water is very cold at any time of year. There are hill farms dotted around but you will be
delighted at how unspoilt it is. You can walk all day and see no one. Do take a map or compass or stick to circular routes as these are not mark way paths. There is an abundance of wild live in the Hills. You will come across my Tortoises, Terrapins, red squirrels, and though you will be lucky to see one as they are nocturnal wolves, wild boars, foxes, badgers and an array of birds from wood pidgeons, Woodpeckers, owls, eagles and other birds of prey. If you do go to the hills bring a picnic and take binoculars and cameras to capture those magic moments 

Beautiful StNicholas Bay is about an hour from the Villa and is perfect as it is rarely crowded. You can laxe here all day if you wish - only venturing to a local restaurant on the beach where you can eat whatever comes from the boats in the picture. Large Tuna Steaks, swordfish, squid are all available and cooked in a traditional Turkish Way. The fishing boats are also available for hire and you can simply negotiate for one to take you around to the off shore Monastery of St Nicholas, which is a grat place to explore. The water as you can see is crystal clear and fantastic for snorkelling

The Monastery is well worth a trip and clambering around or snorkelling around the island is fantastic. Ask a local fisherman to take you or hire a small boat with outboard motor

This wedding took place 5oo metres from
 the villa and shows your immediate
neighbours from the valley. If there is a
wedding taking place you will know about it
and don't be surprised if you get an invite.
You will not be asked but a towel  or other
item will wrapped and put by your
front door - this is your invite. Turkish
weddings last for three days. Remember
 if you get an invite that means they want
you to go.The Turkish people are warm and
friendly and have none of that British
reserve. You will be honoured guests ! 

  Saklikent Gorge is the longest and deepest such gorge in Europe
being over 17 km long. the vast part of it is only navigable to the
most intrepid walkers and climbers but the early reaches have been
tamed by a walkway attached to t he sheer 500 foot cliffs. The ice
cool water rushes out to a flat bed above where visitors are
invited to float downstream in inflated inner turbes. The Kid and adults
will love it. 

Tlos can be seen from the Villa and is only 10 minutes away by car or for the more adventurous an hours walk through beautiful farmland. As the picture illustrates, its history reflects that of Turkey generally with an early Lycian settlement , subsequently built upon by the Romans. You can wander around the sight by yourself or negotiate a local guide at very reasonable rates. I would recommend the latter as they have a wealth of information of the site and can make sure you get a full appreciation of this wonderful world heritage site

Just 5 minutes from Tlos is the Koya Park 
 which is a wonderful outside restaurant set
 amongst the trees and surrounded by
 natural and sculptured water features.
attached is a trout farm and you can pick
your dinner from a pool as much as from
the menu. resting on traditional Turkish
rest areas, this is a perfect way to wile away
the midday heat

This looks more worrying than it actually is, but for the more adventurous a drive and walk in the mountains is a fantastic experience. We can arrange car hire for you and your party to fit every size and budget and spending time away from the cities amongst this stunning scenery is a great way to see the 'hidden' Turkey. There are plenty of mountain villages for you to stop for lunch. If you are walking, please take appropriate footwear and provisions and please do not stray too far from the roadside unless you have the experience and necessary .equipment. If you required it we could arrange for a local guide from a walking or climbing club  to show you around.  Most people prefer to do it themselves and this is fine. Just be sensible and you will have a great time going 'off track'.

Can get a bit crowded in high season around the edges but it is beuatiful and the kids love it