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to explore the Lycian Way and the beautiful Mountainous scenery in Autumn, Winter and Spring months

Villa Kelebek is ideally suited to walking,climbing individuals or clubs who want a comfortable base to explore the historic and beautiful Lycian Way. The Villa has a Large Open Fire that can be used to suppliment the warm air heaters in all bedrooms and lounge/diner. Though the Villa is 'green' and has Solar heated water in the summer months. there is an immersion heater for the colder months if necessary. A sunny day in December (and there are many) often heats the water adequately on its own

This picture was taken in December on the mountain road between Seki (The local Ski Resort) and El Mari which you can continue on down to Kas. Its a spectacular trip that can easily be done in even a shorter winters day and as you can see its beautiful

Yes this really was taken on the 6th of December last year on the wonderful Patara Beach -

ok its hardly Bay Watch but for me at least the pleasure was unbeatable !!

This wonderful Roman Ampitheatre is about 500 metres from the beach at Patara

Just some of the numerous Lycian Tombs at Pinara

Those Romans just could not resist laying aquaducts over the mountain tops - stone pipes -amazing !! This is at Sydma near Kas and the valley in the background is at the seaward end of the Xanthos Valley the upper reaches of course where Villa Kelebek lies in the foothills.

You can start up a real fire using locally collected Pine Kernals as firelighters (with that beautiful pine smell and crackle as they light with local logs which we can order for you. You can have a fire at any time but i can garantee you will not want one from June to August. If its walking you want then i would suggest you come from Mid September to Mid May.